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Is it worth coaching youth in consulting? What young researchers with In-Depth Consulting Say.

In-Depth consulting Inc. made a strategic decision to mentor and coach the youth in consulting. We believe they youth need exposure to professional experiences and guidance on planning and leading researches and evaluations as a means to develop a generation that will drive intellectual pursuit of answers to Tanzania’s development challenges today and in the … Continue reading

So it happens! Blending approaches to demonstrate change.

How is impact demonstrated?  This was one of the big questions giving me sleepless nights in May and June 2014.During those months, I had developed a lot of interest in identifying and documenting some of the changes that obtain as a result of the work we do with our boundary partners[1] ( as The Foundation … Continue reading

Are we integrating ICT, buy-in and transparency in research processes? The case of “The state of youth study” in Tanzania.

Research designs are rarely public tools, buy-in is seldom thought of at the start and even when mainstreamed in the design little is done to assure it. ICT is mostly considered in dissemination of the product, reaching people who did not know about the research ab-initio. And, the process of research is only reported in … Continue reading

Haya ndo maendeleo ya vijana Tanzania: SHAIRI (This is youth development in Tanzania: POEM)

I. Ninamshukuru jalali, kunijalia uhai, Na hii bora hali, shetani kwangu hakai Bada ya hii kauli, na ninyi nawasabai Haya ndo maendeleo ya vijana Tanzania II. Baada ya hizo salamu, sasa zafuata pongezi Restilesi , wataalam, watafiti vijana na washirika muhimu, hali kuiweka wazi, ukweli kuibainisha Haya ndo maendeleo ya vijana Tanzania III. Katika mikoa … Continue reading

Emerging perspectives on youth participation and empowerment: A peep@Ideas4Work conference, Dakar-Senegal:

  I recently participated at the Ideas4Work conference held in January 23 -25, 2013. An initiative of the Global Partnership for Youth Employment (GPYE). In my research presentation titled Livelihoods, employment creation and policy in Rural Tanzania-presentation conducted in Mbeya, Iringa and Ruvuma, in 2011, surfaced the disadvantaged position of young women, the acute gap between … Continue reading